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Posted on February 19, 2013

With the launch of this site, there is now a definitive source of news and information for Scrollon® (patent pending).


Scrollon®  is a method for the digital presentation of visual storytelling on touchscreen devices.  Stories in this format (such as the one presented on our Home page) can be viewed on tablets, touchscreen monitors and smartphones by scrolling with your finger or by tapping the screen. If a touch interface is not available, you can experience Scrollon® on a computer by clicking the screen to advance the story, or by clicking and dragging the image, or using your left and right arrow buttons, or the scroll wheel on your mouse.


Stories will be available for purchase through the Scrollon® app.  The average price of a download will be $0.99.


The release date for the Scrollon® app will be posted here, along with information on new content, updates to the apps, convention appearances and other items. If you have any questions or comments pertaining to Scrollon®, please contact us HERE.

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