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Scrollon is for creating comics to be read on touch screen or keyboard devices. Stories can scroll left and right, or up and down, with the screen in landscape or in portrait mode. You scroll with your finger, or by tapping or clicking the screen to advance to the next anchor point. There are no pages in Scrollon. Comics are presented as a single unbroken image for a uniquely immersive reading experience!

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New stories on and Scrollon, including Too Many Demons

Posted on August 3, 2020 has some brand new digital comics created with the Scrollon® format. Titles include Monstrous, written by Scrollon creator Doug Lefler, with ink from Jesus Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez and color by Jose Villarrubia, The Rat-Catcher’s Son with art from Anthony Winn and a story by Lefler, and Too Many Demons, with art from Chuck Wojtkiewicz,… Read More

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Posted on June 11, 2020

by Jenna Busch Ashfire Moon has been the destination for online comics and immersive narrative art in the Scrollon® format. Now, some of these stories have a brand new home at Story Attic, the creative content initiative from The Third Floor, Inc. Titles from including The Curious Saga of No-One, The Heart of the… Read More

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