Literate Imagery reinvents Webcomics with Scrollon “Episodics”

Posted on April 9, 2014

Literate Imagery announces the launch of Scrollon “Episodics” with The Heart of the Hollow World, an epic steampunk adventure written and illustrated by filmmaker Doug Lefler. The first installment is now free on and the Scrollon App, and will be updated every Wednesday, with multiple chapters available for purchase at any time.

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“Episodics aren’t just webcomics,” says Lefler. “They are a new approach to the business of visual narrative storytelling.”

“People are reluctant to pay for something that is unknown,” Lefler explains, “but we are willing to pay to satisfy our impatience. For Episodics to work Scrollon has the discipline and commitment to complete stories in advance and we strive to make sure those stories are so compelling readers won’t wait another week for the next episodic. At $0.99 a pop they can binge read to their heart’s content!”


The Scrollon App was originally released for the iPad and iPhone last year and received enthusiastic response for its innovative approach to digital comics. For the first time readers could experience visual storytelling without pages or borders.

The Scrollon app can be downloaded for free on the App Store and offers both free and paid content. Currently there are five separate series available; Stories from the Ashfire Moon (Sci Fi), Nephilim (Contemporary Fantasy), The Curious Saga of No-One (Epic Fantasy), Autumn & Gearlock (Steampunk Western), and The Heart of the Hollow World (Adventure). New content is added each week.


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