Hollow World


In 1898 Emery Trent had no plans of discovering a lost world when he set out to be the first man to reach the North Pole. But events took an unexpected turn...

Hollow World


Carrying a great secret, Emery Trent travels West. There he encounters old acquaintances, not all of whom he is happy to see.

Hollow World


A shoot out over the remains of a creature dead for 150 million years, a childhood friend all grown up,and the death of a mountain.

Hollow World


You think going to the center of the Earth is all adventure and romance? Sometimes you have to hobnob with the rich and famous to raise money for your expedition. In this scrollon: Teddy Roosevelt, Harry Houdini, Mark Twain and Emery's ex-fiance.

Hollow World


Emery and his companions begin their expedition to the interior of the Earth, taking with them the latest technology that 1899 has to offer.

Hollow World


Taking on water? Losing oxygen? Prehistoric beasts barring your way? No one said getting to the center of the Earth would be easy.

Hollow World


Marvels and terrors await our intrepid adventurers in the lost world.

Hollow World


Emery and his team explore an abandoned vessel and marvel at the technology that is both ancient and advanced. But is any of it still functioning?

Hollow World


Mysterious women and carnivorous vegetation.

Hollow World


With a new ship and a new guide, Emery and his companions set out to explore the Hollow World. But nature will not permit them a gentle voyage.

Hollow World


Monsters below and monsters above, adventure takes flight when our heroes get caught in the middle.

Hollow World


Emery and Pru have fallen in with a tribe of indigenous people. Can modern thinking help them win respect and acceptance in the Hollow World.

Hollow World


Against all odds Emery and Pru find themselves in a prehistoric paradise, but how long will they be able to stand it?

Hollow World


With the tranquility of the Cliff Village far behind them, Emery and Pru encounter mystery and danger in the jungles of the Hollow World.

Hollow World


As poison seeps through Pru's veins Emery searches desperately for someone who can save her life.

Hollow World


In the nick of time to save Pru's life, Emery has found Twen's people. They have all the technology and science he hoped they would, and more! But is it possible for there to be too much of a good thing?

Hollow World


After a bath, and change of clothes, Emery is ready to met the Queen of Alpiria.

Hollow World


During his first audience with the Queen of Alpiria the answer to a great mystery is revealed to Emery.

Hollow World


Behind the strong walls of Alpiria hard decisions must be made by Emery and his companions just as the security of the ancient fortress is being breach by an brutal enemy.

Hollow World


Emery learns the hard way why you should never anger a Queen who commands giant robots.

Scrollon Unveils New iOS Update and Content for App

March 6, 2017

Scrollon has just launched a new version of their app for iOS users. The update unlocks ALL content to be viewed for FREE. In addition, new features include Compulsory Anchor Points (CAPs) to help with navigation, and support for vertical Scrollons.

“CAPs have been in the works for some time,” says Scrollon creator Doug Lefler. “With them we can add simplified animation to our stories. The vertical scrolling function is new, and will allow future narratives to move up and down, as well as side to side.”

The update is available now via the App Store. Read More

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