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Scrollon Unveils New iOS Update and Content for App

Scrollon has just launched a new version of their app for iOS users. The update unlocks ALL content to be viewed for FREE. In addition, new features include Compulsory Anchor Points (CAPs) to help with navigation, and support for vertical Scrollons. “CAPs have been in the works for some time,” says Scrollon creator Doug Lefler. “With them we can add simplified animation to our stories. The vertical scrolling function is new, and will allow future narratives to move up and down, as well as side to side.” The update is available now via the App Store. Read More

Kaiju Christmas

Giant monster with Christmas tree“Kaiju Christmas” Hope your holidays are BIG! Read More

The Heart of the Hollow World #20 “Pru”

Pru, ancient robot, ray gun#20 “Pru” Emery learns the hard way why you should never anger a Queen who commands giant robots. The Heart of the Hollow World #20 “Pru” is now available for FREE in our Library, on the Scrollon App for iOS, and at Ashfire Moon: Adventure Unlimited! Read More

Work of Art

Oz admires the craftsmanship of an alpirian weapon“Work of Art” Oz Kinster admires the craftsmanship of an Alpirian weapon in The Heart of the Hollow World #19 “Breach”. Read More

“Beware the White Monkey”

Beware the White Monkey“White Monkey” Cut but malevolent, and up to mischief in the Hollow World! Read More

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