Monthly Archives: May 2016

“Almost Home”

Be it ever so humble… Read More

“Snake Walk” by Doug Lefler

Here is Doug’s completed illustration for May. Read More

“Open the Gates”

Always be polite to people who arrive at your door, be they ever so humble. Read More

“Snake Walk” detail #3

The third detail from Doug Lefler’s “Snake Walk”. The complete illustration will be posted nest Wednesday. Read More

“In My Nature”

A girl in the forest. Read More

“Snake Walk” detail #2

The second detail from Doug’s latest illustration. Read More

“Traveling Companions”

A boy, an owl and a griffin on the road together. Read More

“Snake Walk” detail #1

The first detail from Doug’s new illustration for May 2016.


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Emery and the Queen

From  The Heart of the Hollow World # 18 “Birth”. Read More