Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Queen of Alpiria

From The Heart of the Hollow World #17 “One”.  This is the latest chapter in the adventures of Emery Trent and his companions! Read More

“Wind Blown”

A flower girl by Doug Lefler. Read More

“Waiting in the Lake” by Doug Lefler

Doug’s finished illustration. Read More

Angelic Fortitude

Avalon lifts a small car. From Nephilim #2. Read More

Autumn and the Outlaws

Always keep your ray guns handy. From Autumn & Gearlock: Danger Management #1. Read More

“Setting Boundaries”

It’s important to know what’s off limits. From Doug Lefler Read More

“Waiting in the Lake” detail 3

Featuring the hilt of Excalibur. Read More

“Resistance” Revisit

From “Resistance” by Doug Lefler. For you fans of Dieselpunk.

  Read More

“One” Preview

A sneak peak at the immortal Queen of Alpiria, who will appear in The Heart ot the Hollow World #17. Read More

“For You”

A special weekend post for Valentine’s Day, from Doug Lefler. Read More