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Invasion Interrupted

Ziggy saves the world, again. Read More

Preview of Hollow World #11

“In my early efforts at film making I starred in my own projects.” Says Doug Lefler when asked about the illustration above.  He went on to explain that acting was done out of necessity rather than vanity. He was the only person he knew would show up every day.  “When I got into High School and gathered a more reliable group of friends my respect for the craft compelled me to step behind the camera, where I have remained ever since.” “Forsaken Island”, one of Doug’s early 8mm epics had a sequence where he gets carried away by a stop motion Pterodactyl. Read More

Resist the Machines!

The machines are coming. French citizens must get out of their way or be trampled. And death awaits those who scrawl “arrêter les machines” on the sides of buildings, for the Resistance will not be tolerated!

“Resistance” by Doug Lefler is now live on and the Scrollon app. Read More

Meet Micro

Growing up without adult supervision it’s sometimes hard for a kid to know what is and isn’t a toy. Fortunately for Micro, he has robots to look after him.

Read chapter 1 of ROBOTWORLD now. Chapter 2 is coming in April!

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It is 1943. As the iron feet of military walkers trample the French countryside, there are few brave enough to defy them. But can anyone stop the machines?

Resistance” by Doug Lefler is now available for FREE on and the Scrollon app! Read More

“Recoil” is Coming!

The second chapter of ROBOTWORLD by Mark Moretti, is on it’s way. “Recoil” will hit and the Scrollon app next month! Read More

Rest in Peace – Leonard Nimoy

Lived Long and Prospered

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Nephilim Episodics!

FREE Episodics of “A Bigger World” are now being posted every Thursday on and the Scrollon App! Story and art by Doug Lefler. Read More