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No-One, Part One, Complete

“Pixies, Wizards and Trolls” is currently available on our website. Read it for FREE while the episodics are live (they won’t be here forever!) or download the full version on the Scrollon App for iOS.


The Curious Saga of No-One was the first story ever created in the Scrollon format. Doug Lefler used this project to break ground on a new art form, and explore the possibilities of drawing a comic book without borders or page breaks. Read More



Chapter Nine of The Heart of the Hollow World is now available on the Scrollon app.

At long last the mysterious Twen makes her entrance on the Scrollon stage, as our heroes encounter their first human inhabitant of the Hollow World. In this installment you’ll also get carnivorous plants along with the expected dinosaurs and robots (just in case blondes in lizard skin mini skirts hold no interest for you).



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Happy New Year from the Hollow World

Have an adventurous 2015! Read More