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The Hollow World Turns Sideways

Something unusual is happening with The Heart of the Hollow World! Starting this week and continuing for several installments, the story has gone sideways.

“Apologies to desktop readers,” says Scrollon inventor Doug Lefler. “Scrollon was developed for handheld touchscreen devices, which are easy to rotate. This part of Hollow World cried out to scroll vertically, rather than horizontally. Sometimes creators can only do what their stories tell them to do.”

The best solution to avoid holding your head at a 45 degree angle is to download the Scrollon app to your iOS device. Read More

Stange Bedfellows

There is that awkward time in a relationship when you learn new things about each other, and not all of the discoveries are welcome.

The episoidics for The Curious Saga of No-One find Nimmah and her wizard in that situation. Can they resolve their personal differences to focus on the greater task of hunting trolls?

If you are enjoying the story and have access to an iPhone or iPad, please download the Scrollon app so you can experience  The Curious Saga of No-One in its native programming environment. For Android and Windows users we will continue to make your online reading as enjoyable as possible until apps are also available for your devices. Read More

More Adventure in the Hollow World

So far Doug Lefler has given you dinosaurs, robots, arctic exploration, shootouts, Mark Twain, and drilling machines. What more do you want from an adventure story?

Did someone say “giant carnivorous plants”?

Read new episodics for THE HEART OF THE HOLLOW WORLD now! And remember, many more full scrollons for this series are already available on the SCROLLON APP for iOS.

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