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“The Curious Saga of No-One” variable assets

Variable assets exist in each chapter of “The Curious Saga of No-One”. Look for characters or background animals to do something in three different ways. Refreshing the story unlocks these variable actions. Below find two out of three examples for some of the assets and look for a third within the story when you read through again. Also look for pt4 of CSONO (and more variables) to go live on December 2nd on the Scrollon app for the iPad and iPhone.

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“The Curious Saga of No-One” pt4 Preview and Release Date

Part Four of our fantasy adventure series “The Curious Saga of No-One” will be available December 2nd on the Scrollon app for the iPhone and iPad.

After an audience with the King of Sage, Nimmah rides out with No-One to make good on their promise to stop the troll problem. There is little information on the tracking and killing of the creatures, however. No-One will learn this because few who attempt to kill a troll come back alive.





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Preview: “The Heart of the Hollow World” pt2

Doug Lefler is hard at work on “The Heart of the Hollow World”, a brand new story that will be debuting in the next several months. Here we preview pt2 of the tale, in which after Emery Trent fails to reach the North Pole he travels West. There he encounters old acquaintances, not all of whom he is happy to see. After a spirited discussion of the approaching new century Emery uncovers a greater mystery.

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“Nephilim: A Bigger World” pt2 Now Available

Part Two of “Nephilim: A Bigger World” is available now on the Scrollon app for the iPad and iPhone. Will Oberon witnesses a knock down, drag out battle between a mysterious woman who fell from the sky and a bio-mechanical monster. If she is victorious, will he still be able to remember her when she’s gone?



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