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Scrollon® Now Available on the iPhone

Literate Imagery announces an update to the Scrollon® app which provides full support for the iPhone. The app was originally released for the iPad June 3rd of this year and received enthusiastic response for its innovative approach to digital comics. For the first time readers could experience visual storytelling without pages or borders.

Now users of the iPhone and iPod touch can carry Scrollon in their pockets. “Digital comics on a smartphone have always been challenging,” says inventor Doug Lefler. “Especially with stories repurposed from traditional print comics, where each frame is a different size and proportion. Read More

“Nephilim: A Bigger World” pt2 Preview

It isn’t every day that a beautiful woman falls out of the sky and saves you from a bio-mechanical monster. But is Will Oberon going to be able to remember her when she’s gone? Part Two of “Nephilim: A Bigger World” will be available soon on the Scrollon app for the iPad. Check out a preview (click images to enlarge) and also don’t forget to “like” us on Facebook.

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3 Million Years Digital Comics News asks Doug Lefler 10 Questions

Michael Nimmo of 3 Million Years Digital Comics News asks Doug Lefler 10 Questions about Scrollon and the future of comics in general. Click HERE to read.

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“The Curious Saga of No-One” pt3 Preview & Release Date

Part Three of our fantasy adventure series “The Curious Saga of No-One” will be available October 7th on the Scrollon app for the iPad. In this chapter, Nimmah seeks an audience with the King of Sage and offers No-One’s services in solving the troll problem. Trolls can be quite pesky, after all. A preview is available on the home page and on the app.

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“Autumn & Gearlock” pt2 Now Available

Part two of our steampunk adventure series “Autumn & Gearlock” is Available Now on the Scrollon app. Preview images are below to peruse (click on the pics to enlarge).

In part two, there are complications and competitors when Autumn and Gearlock go after the dangerous gunmen of the Acker Gang.

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